This project was created during my 4th year.
The Rolling Wave is a new Californian surfskate brand. It will offers the possibility of customize products and especially in boards, clothes and accessorizes. Clients will have the possibility to choose their own graphism, colors or special adds. Further, the brand will organize locals events skateboards, workshops, competitions or group excursions to strenghten the sense of community around it. The goal is to invest in the creation of meeting spaces for skaters. 
At The Rolling Wave, our vision is to be the heartbeat of the urban playground, empowering individuals to embrace their unique rhythm on wheels. We envision a world where every kickflip and grind is a declaration of freedom, self-expression, and unbridled creativity. Through our distinctive skate culture, we aim to inspire a global community to roll with passion, resilience, and a rebellious spirit.

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